Soap Busters; Our FAQ!

What makes our soap? Here at Fresh and Fleeced we strive to bring you the best lather possible and to debunk the myths and mystery about soap ingredients and processes. This is our FAQ!


What is SLSA?

Commonly found in bath bombs, toothpaste and even shampoos Sodium Laureth Sulfoacetate is widely used to bring you the biggest and best lather. This fluffy, bubbly product is derived from coconut and palm oils making it 100% of natural origin. When you use our products we want only the best foamy bubbles!

SLSA gets a bad reputation on a lot of websites, spam e-mails and word of mouth saying it will cause harm and somehow or another is carcinogenic. There is no evidence to back up any claims this product is harmful and the US Report on Carcinogens does not have SLSA or Sodium Laureth Sulfoacetate on that list. Here’s a helpful source, straight from the Cancer Council.


What is Gluten Free Soap?

Labels stating ‘Gluten Free’ are great for people who have a gluten allergy which is mainly those individuals who have Celiac Disease. You may have seen the trend of products labeling themselves as ‘gluten free’ simply because they contain no gluten (whether or not they were a product that would normally contain gluten).

Because Celiac Disease is triggered by a person eating or digesting gluten it wouldn’t be right for us to label something you would not eat such as our soap, as Gluten Free. Furthermore, soap like ours doesn’t contain gluten because gluten itself it comes from proteins specifically in wheat products which are not in our ingredients.


What’s In My Soap?

Ever seen words on our labels like Tetrasodium Etidronate? These words can seem intimidating for some of us at a first glance, after all, what is that stuff? Our products have been tested thoroughly by us and our customers and the ingredients found in our soaps are found in lots of other products you keep on the shelf.

We encourage people to think about the products they use on their bodies, after all we started our soap line with a commitment to the best handmade quality soaps. If we didn’t think it was all up to snuff we wouldn’t use it ourselves and many popular big name organic soap companies use the same ingredients we do; you would truly be surprised. We know some customers prefer our All Natural Soap options and we happily recommend those to people who would best benefit from them.

To bring you the best quality soap possible, we use things that preserve and maintain the viscosity, bubble level, and feel of the soap. We welcome our customers to research these ingredients on their own, or even ask us for information regarding the use/purpose of these ingredients!


Are Your Natural Ingredients Truly Natural?

Absolutely! We always use USDA approved organic ingredients if we state the product used in the soap is natural or organic. Lather in peace, we truly do love our organic coconut oil and jojoba oil and we aren’t afraid to tell you all about it!


Why is My Soap Turning Brown?

This is a common occurrence, soap can turn brown for any number of reasons. In soap containing Lavender buds, or any herbs/botanicals this browning occurs the same day the soap is made and is purely cosmetic. This browning usually occurs around the botanicals, petals or leaves individually and has no effect on the quality of your soap, it can still be used as normal.

Browning also occurs in soap fragrances which contain vanillin, a natural process that can slowly darken your soap over time. Vanillin naturally occurs in vanilla, so any fragrance containing traces of vanilla may brown and the degree of browning will depend on the amount of vanilla used. This process doesn’t affect the soap cosmetically and your soap is still safe to use as normal.


How Long Does Your Soap and Bath Bombs Last?

We personally recommend a shelf life of 6 months, however it is possible your soap or bombs may last past this date. For quality reasons, we can’t guarantee that past the 6 month mark your item will retain the same appearance or fragrance strength and may crack or turn brown. For storage of unused soap, place in an airtight container or zip baggie. In the shower, place on or inside of a surface that allows the soap to ‘breathe’ such as on a side rack or a spot with a soap saver.

Bath bombs can be kept in bathroom cabinets and jars, or anywhere dry and will remain in their best condition when kept packaged until you decide to use them.


I’m Allergic to Fragrance, is There A Soap For Me?

A custom bar with no scent is perfect for you! We operate in a facility that uses tree nuts and need to make the proper arrangements for your order as a result, please specify 'None' when making your custom bar and use the text box provided to specify your allergy.

Why Do You Use Mostly Fragrance? Is it Dangerous?

Not at all! Here at F&F, we value our customers, and we value what we use in our products, essential oils were an option we deeply considered.

Did you know it takes 250 pounds of Lavender to make 1 pound of essential oils? That's a lot of plants, in fact, Lemons have it worse off with at least 1,500 of them going into one pound of Lemon Oil and Roses really stretch the bar with over 10,000 pounds of beautiful buds per pound! Large amounts of produce go into making these highly concentrated oils, and some oils can even hurt or damage your skin if they aren't diluted enough or used properly.

In the industrial sized farms where these plants are grown for oil, pesticides are used on crops that produce these essential oils. If they are wild harvested, plants such as Sandalwood and Rosewood are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species. Plants become hard to find, and there are now less plants in nature for animals and humans to enjoy. It is rare to find companies that uphold the balance of humans and nature. We do our part by offering alternative products made with scientifically verified skin safe fragrances complete with MSDS documents and very, very few essential oils that benefit both our interests and the environmental interests of plants.

I Have Sensitive Skin, What Soap is Best For Me?

We recommend a custom bar, this way you know what we put in is what you want out of our soap! The most popular moisturizers are Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter, bases we recommend would be All Natural Goat’s Milk or All Natural Shea Butter. Our soap is gentle and different from most commercial soaps which are more alike to detergent than real soap, the good thing about us is that you can control what you receive.


Do You Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders?

Absolutely! Making individual bars is a laborious process and when you order in whole batches you get a bulk discount per loaf purchased. Our whole loaves of soap are hand-cut and make 9 bars.  While the individual bars are $7.00, our loaves are $45 making each bar $5.00.  


Do You Test Your Products on Animals?

Absolutely not. We never test any of our handmade products on animals, though we’re happy to test them on ourselves and other happy human volunteers! All of our ingredients also come directly from facilities which do not use animal testing.


I Noticed You Use Mica and Lake Colors, Are Those Safe?

Yes! The ingredients we put in our soap are as important as our customers. Our colorants are scientifically confirmed and tested to be non-hazardous and are used in many products from our soap to off the shelf cosmetics and eyewear makeup!

There is some good news for people who prefer color alternatives, we are releasing naturally colored soap and bath bombs soon!


I Have Bath Bomb Residue on My Hands! What Do I Do?

Our Bath Bombs are loaded with color, as a result sometimes a little bit of that may rub off onto our hands while handling the bomb. Thankfully this is easily washed away with a thorough scrub of soap and water.


Will Bath Bombs Stain My Tub?

Our bombs are made with a special formula that drains easily and purposefully does not stain. If you are skeptical, before and after your bath make sure you rinse your tub thoroughly. A clean, smooth tub is ideal for any brand of Bath Bombs as color may stick to residue or cracks if the surface is porous. A Mixture of Water and Baking Soda, a Magic Eraser or shower specific cleaner may help should any stains occur.


How Long do Bath Bombs Last?

Our Bath Bombs are packaged within 24-48 hrs after they are first made and fully dried. We then shrink wrap them for easy storage and to prevent damage. They will last in a dry area until use and our suggested shelf life is 6 months, if used past this date the fragrance may have faded but the dry ingredients in the bomb will still be usable.


My Products Arrived Damaged!

We try our best to make sure your products arrive as securely as we can, however during the shipping process breakages can occur, and in the hotter days of summer, a little melting. While our soap can typically last in heat up to as high as 120 degrees, unforeseen events may occur. Despite our best efforts products may break during transit from mishandling. The good news is that our bath bombs will still give you a great bath even if they are cracked, and our soap will still clean even if it's a bit melted!

If you receive soap that has for whatever reason melted and is still firmly wrapped you can save it by popping it into the freezer for about 30 to 45 mins depending on severity. The soap will harden and be just as usable as it was when it left our facility!


Why Does My Soap Have So Much Color?
We sometimes use certain shades in order to achieve a certain look like with our Dragon's Blood soap! Because these bars are so heavily pigmented you may see some color as you lather, but don't be alarmed! All of our pigments are specifically formulated for use in body care products and simply wash away! No worries here, our pigments wash clean and dissolve ultra fast in water.



What is Your Return Policy?

All returns must be within 15 days of delivery.
Please contact us with a reason you would like a return and photographic evidence in the event you receive the wrong product. Cost of returning an item incorrectly shipped to you will be reimbursed at no cost to you along with the cost of the product itself if applicable.
We offer custom products and as such our custom or made-to-order products are non-refundable in the case that the customer does not like the scent or the contents of the product they ordered. Because these items are for body care, on an ethical basis we cannot accept returns on products open, altered or used.  This policy goes for soap as well as bath bombs, lotions, or other body care products here at F&F. We never refund custom orders.
We reserve the right to determine if a return is warranted on a case by case basis and may deny or approve any return at any time for any reason.
Shipping costs are nonrefundable on most orders and subject to change on a case by case basis.
All items purchased on sale are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Even if you ship the item to us, we will return the package to you and no refund will be issued.



What is Your Exchange Policy?

All exchanges must be within 15 days of delivery.
There are no exchanges on any made-to-order or custom soap bars, as each one was tailored for you, the buyer, it cannot be refunded or resold.
Items that are not custom may only be exchanged if they are un-opened, un-altered or un-used, this means no marks, no rips, no tears, no cracks or breaks, and no melting. In the case of an exchange, we will allow you to select an item of equal or lesser value to those you have purchased. Please contact us if you need an exchange. Shipping fees apply.
In the case of exchanges, we reserve the right to deny an exchange for any reason at any time on a case by case basis.