Build Your Own Holiday Edition

Build Your Own Holiday Edition

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As part of our relaunch efforts, we have a bunch of soap inventory that we'd love to offer you so it doesn't go to waste!  Soap makes amazing stocking stuffers for family and friends.  They also make great gifts for those you may only see 1 or 2 times a year.  That friend's niece or nephew that's starting to grow out of toys?  Taken care of!

We still have a bunch of materials for soap bases in our Shea Butter and Goat's Milk varieties, which leaves this opportunity open for you!


We are closing orders on December 13th so we have enough time to make/prepare them for you and get them to you before Christmas.  This also means that orders will not be processed and sent until December 14th-16th.  We will make sure that the items will get to you BEFORE Christmas.

Pick your base and then your scent from our NEW LINE of scents!  Some of these scents are seasonal only, but for this order only, we've opened up all of our scents!

Full Moon: Light Floral misty scent mix of Grapefruit, Thyme, White Tea and Rose with a hint of Jasmine.

Frankincense and Myrrh:  Deep classic scent of Frankincense with a note of musk and woods.

Faerie Forest: Sweet Woody scent with hints of lilies, grapefruit and pineapple blended with pine, fir and cloves.

Citrus and Pine: Woody/Citrus scent of orange and grapefruit in a pine forest.

Lavender Fields: Floral, gentle, soothing smell of lavender.

Dragon's Blood: Woody, deep masculine scent of the Dragon's Blood tree.  Very popular masculine scent!

Rainbow Brite: Fruity and Bright scent of a mix of tropical fruits.

Midnight Vanilla: Deep blend of Bourbon Vanilla and Warm Vanilla Sugar.

New Moon: Dark Woody blend of Sage, Patchouli and Woods.

- Seasonal Scents Below -

Black Cherry Merlot: Sweet scent of Black Cherry Merlot wine. (Winter)

Neroli and Shea Blossom: Floral mix of Orange Blossom, Neroli, Jasmine with a dash of Amber and Cedar.  (Spring)

Coastal Rain: Oceanic smell of Sea Salt, Lemon, Algae, Lotus and Lily. (Summer)

Staycation:  Spicy Floral scent of ylang ylang, jasmine, bamboo, geranium and sandalwood.  Of our two tropical scents, this is the floral tropical. (Summer)

Pumpkin Bread: Sweet and Spicy scent of fresh baked pumpkin bread. (Fall)

Cranberry Fig: Fruity Holiday mix of Cranberry, Fig, Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit. (November/December)

Mistletoe: Woody Holiday mix of eucalyptus, pine, clove and patchouli. (November/December)