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Premade Bars

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As part of our relaunch efforts, we have a bunch of soap inventory that we'd love to offer you so it doesn't go to waste!  Soap makes amazing stocking stuffers for family and friends.  They also make great gifts for those you may only see 1 or 2 times a year.  That friend's niece or nephew that's starting to grow out of toys?  Taken care of!

These bars are part of our old inventory (and playtime!) and with our changes, we simply need to clean out as we experiment and play even more!


We are closing orders on December 13th so we have enough time to make/prepare them for you and get them to you before Christmas.  This also means that orders will not be processed and sent until December 14th-16th.  We will make sure that the items will get to you BEFORE Christmas.

Choose from the Tsarina, Midnight Vanilla, Black Cauldron and Lavender Fields in the bars we have already made.

Tsarina: This bar is styled and smells exactly like our extra large bath bomb, with a custom blend of Orange, Rose, Jasmine and Lavender.  The bar has a light marble look of light pink and white with a clear glycerin layer of gold on top.  

Midnight Vanilla: Designed for the fall, this bar has a deep blend of bourbon vanilla and warm vanilla sugar.  For those who love deeper but simple warm scents, this is for you.  The bar is a marble swirl of brown and white.

Black Cauldron: Using the same scent as our standard sized bath bomb, New Moon with Sage, Patchouli and Woods.  The bar is a marble swirl of black/dark grey and white.

Lavender Fields:  Just like in our original collection, Lavender Fields smells of lavender and has lavender buds inside.  These bars also have a little extra jojoba oil in them.